SACON Polymeric Coatings – PPC SACON

Next Generation SACON Shoot Houses and Bullet Barriers – PPC SACON

Terran Corporation has introduced Proprietary Polymeric Coatings (PPC) that, when applied to new or patched Shock Absorbing CONcrete (SACON™) panels and blocks, more than doubles the usable life of the ballistic-capturing material in areas of concentrated fire. PPC is applied in 30 to 90 mils thickness layers to a prepared SACON surface using high-pressure sprayers. The coatings contain no VOCs, are fast curing and provide a flexible, temperature-tolerant, tear-resistant surface.

SACON™ is used at military and private training facilities throughout the world. Although very durable, SACON panels and blocks will erode and require repair or replacement with extensive usage, especially in areas of concentrated fire. Terran has developed, tested and is now providing a polymeric coating system that will extend the useful life for all SACON structures, either newly constructed or properly patched.

Advantages of Terran PPC SACON include:

  • Typically doubles the amount of ballistic rounds captured in areas of concentrated fire,
  • More than doubles the capacity of ballistic rounds capture in non-concentrated fire areas,
  • Retains the anti-ricochet characteristics of uncoated SACON,
  • Significantly reduces dust emissions from the SACON surface during live-fire exercises,
  • Is temperature tolerant, will remain flexible at temperatures from -20 ºF to 250 ºF,
  • Is UV stabilized to minimize photo degradation,
  • Is fire resistant, 200 ºF flash point.

Testing on identical SACON blocks shows that in extreme concentrated fire (3" circles), the coated blocks far outperform the uncoated blocks. 

PPC Coated SACON after 100 rounds of concentrated fire


PPC Coated SACON after 220 rounds of concentrated fire


Uncoated SACON after 100 rounds of concentrated fire

In the following video, the uncoated SACON block quickly forms a deep cavity in under 100 rounds while the coated block only forms a slight bulge due to the accumulation of mass behind the coating. Basically, the coating retains the crushed SACON material in place where it continues to serve as bullet trapping material. 

Link to Video on YouTube